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Andrew Consoli is a multitalented artist. 

Skillful DJ and Electronic Music Producer, he is also a prolific Sound Designer and a Music Entrepreneur.

Driven from his Italian motherland by a compelling desire to progress, produce and innovate, Andrew moved to London in 2010. He immediately plunged into the UK music scene, further progressing his musical 

talents with a unique approach to music production and sound design.

With his uplifting and rich, deep and boundless sound Andrew has moved the 

dancefloors around Europe and worked with labels like Warner Music UK and 

StoneBridge's Stoney Boy Music. His music has gathered support from 

Kiss FM UK, Mixmag, DJMag and music heavyweights such as Joachim Garraud, 

Paco Osuna, and Markus Schulz.

He established himself in the electronic music world with consistently great 

releases and remixes under his own name as well as Colour The Void, 

Sexofoniks, and his most recent venture Qutron. 

Skilled sound designer with a few top selling sample packs on Beatport Sounds, 

Loopmasters and Sample Magic, Andrew wrote the world’s first apple based 

electronic symphony. 

His innovative approach uncovers the sonic journey of the apple ripening process and 

has been featured on UK national TV and press.

In addition to a booming music career, Andrew is the co-founder of BeatCamp - a successful accelerator for music producers supported by some of the industry’s leading brands and publications, including Universal Music, Native Instruments, Soundcloud, The Evening Standard, and Buzzfeed.



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From writing and recording the world's first apple symphony to designing a 5.1 surround installation for London's Science Gallery, Andrew has worked on some of the most innovative sound design projects. He also created sound packs for Sample Magic, Loopmasters and Beatport Sounds.

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BeatCamp is an accelerator for music producers. Our camps and courses are supported from the industry's leading brands and publications, including Native Instruments, Novation/Focusrite, Universal Music, Island Records, The Evening Standard, Buzzfeed and Music Radar.

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